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(f watching vista kicks soundcheck)

five out of five + six out of five stars

we’re back with six out of five! sorry it took us SO long but here we are with our next concert review with mt. joy and vista kicks!

it all started that evening and i was so pumped to see some new music! we got to the venue and it was so lit up in the backdrop behind the stage, it looked so amazing at the music box. i was watching vista kicks soundcheck and it was so cool! we checked in with 91X (we were doing a live broadcast from inside the venue) and were ready to go get our ice cream on! minutes later, we walked back out of the music box and headed over to salt and straw which i totally recommend for some great ice cream right after or right before the music box. anyway, by the time we got back to the music box venue it was jam-packed and it was incredible to see how many people show solidarity to certain bands and how many people are willing to try new things! i thought it was pretty cool.

we got a table at the back and watched vista kicks. it was truly awesome. they had such upbeat great songs that i’ve never heard before and they definitely get a spot on my playlist now! they had some kind of vibe that was more like retro-style clothing with new alternative kind of music, but it still has a little taste of pop to it. i really enjoyed watching them, especially with their great hospitality and the great energy spreading through the crowd! not even halfway through their set they got everyone in music box to clap along to one of their songs. my top favorite vista kicks song definitely had to be “mona lisa” – the way they performed it, the way it sounded, it was all just amazing!

the seating arrangements were a little hard because it was so packed… (she was bummed there weren’t more places to sit, long day at summer camp!) everyone was sitting down in the available seats but occasionally i could find a spot and go sit down and when i was sitting down next to the stage it was like magical! i was breathless because of how good you could see all of the artists but also how my feet didn’t have to hurt the whole time!

finally, my favorite band came on: mt. joy! they were just outstanding! they had the most beautiful lyrics to the songs and the most fun charisma on stage. everything was just so put together and the band which is so great was really out there with their music, the energy is the kind i felt at the lumineers concert and i loved it so much! i got to see the lumineers at wrex the halls 2017 and this show brought me back to so many memories! i enjoyed mt. joy’s music also because they started to get everyone in the crowd dancing like no one was watching, clapping along like no one was listening, and singing along like they were drunk i think!! it was funny!  i also really enjoyed the way all the different people dressed throughout the concert. honestly i’m breathless, i am, i loved every little part of the concert and the fact that in between songs – not every time but some songs – they would pause and tell you things like, “oh, this song is about a german shepherd, we didn’t play it for a while but then we started to again,” or say some funny comments.

in the band there were some people that really stood out to me, so i’m giving a big shout out to sam the guitar player! sam was so nice when we met him before the show, he had this warm kind of vibe just glaring from every side of him! he was just so nice and he had no problems with anything and he was just so kind and caring and made sure that everything was taken care of on their end and i was just blown away with how sweet he was to me and my mom. but i also want to give a warm shout out to the pianist or the keyboard player! she had a solo last night at the concert that was just AMAZING, we were sitting up above on one of the risers watching her and you couldn’t stare at a finger for more than a second, they were moving so quickly and so many different chords, so many different notes and it was inspiring to see her so powerful in song! and i really thought that that was her time to shine! and i think the fact that mt. joy has both girls and boys in their band is so great!

i’m gonna go for vista kicks, you guys get a five out of five rating! and mt. joy, you guys get a SIX out of five! thank you so much for the wonderful memories from the concert in my mind and we love you guys so much!

fin mt joy

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