six out of five stars

welcome back to six out of five! today, is it a song, an album, or an artist? well today it’s just another album! today we’re reviewing the queens of the stone age new album called villains.

so this upbeat album is definitely one to remember if you like to rock and talk about what you’ve heard! queens of the stone age’s new album is very loud and has many instrumental solos and different types of instruments. some of the instruments included are the synth and a lot of electric guitar and bass.

personally i like the queens of the stone age new album! i think it’s very upbeat and it makes me seem more happy. and for some reason, in some way josh has a weird way of getting his voice to sound so good in my brain.

when we started listening to the CD, the first song that we heard was “don’t fail me now feet” and about three minutes of the song was an intro. when it was no singing, no vocals, just instruments and i did think “oh that’s kind of cool if you don’t like all the instruments together in the layers of the song,” but personally i think it wasn’t enough vocals and that it was maybe a little bit too long. but other than that i love their songs and every song on the album, like i was saying earlier, is very upbeat and has a very happy and move it and groove and movement kind of way! i’m not really sure how it makes me feel except for happy.

personally my favorite song on the album is definitely “the way you used to do!” i thought that the song didn’t have too many instrumental breaks but it definitely kept the song moving and grooving. personally i think tons of people are gonna love queens of the stone age’s new album including me and my dad, my stepdad, my granddad, and apparently my mom! (she’s right, i loooove it.) so today for our rating i want to give the queens of the stone age a six out of five! thanks queens of the stone age – you guys definitely rocked my world! see you guys later!

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