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concert review: k. flay and sir sly, 1/13/18


(that’s f’s head at the bottom of the shot)

six out of five stars

hi guys and welcome back to six out of five today for a new concert review! today we are reviewing k. flay‘s concert or acoustic live show with sir sly opening for them!

our day started with us waking up and going to starbucks and then after that we went on a little detour to belmont park to ride rollercoasters! after that we went home and got ready for a surprise trip with the 91X crew to go bowling with k. flay and sir sly (we hosted a private bowling event for some listeners before the performance). sadly by the time we got there, k. flay and sir sly had just kind of run out so we missed them there. so we drove over to south park and by the time we got to the (vinyl junkies) record shop there were already over about 100 people standing in front of the stage! sadly the stage was a little driveway so there wasn’t much room and everything was pretty cramped. we still had some time before they played so we walked and got ice cream around the corner. then we went back to the record store and there were like 300 people there by then!

with all the people standing in the driveway and across the street there was not much room to see, so we breezed back into the record shop and saw some of my mom’s friends. many people were trying to look through the blinds to see what was going on outside. it was kind of harsh with the taller people in front! but my mom’s friend from their record company helped us get a good place to stand and we ended up getting a pretty close spot to the “stage” except a couple people wouldn’t kneel down so it was kind of hard to see a little bit. but other than that it was pretty awesome!

by the time the show started, sir sly opened up with a couple of songs! they played… probably my favorite was “high” and everyone was amazing! the hardest part was the speakers were right next to us so it was a little loud so my mom made us put napkins in our ears. there were people in the trees across the way trying to see!

sir sly got on the stage and they immediately welcomed us, they were very kind and very funny and were talking to the crowd like we were all friends! it was such an enjoyable show and i would love to see them again! and k. flay is so nice and funny and i love the way her voice sounds with unique personality and it’s unique sound! her lyrics are maybe a little bit more adult and not for children, but all the lyrics usually make sense! she sounded so good!

after she played about six songs we walked into a back courtyard and my mom and i met sir sly back there and boy were they nice! they had big grins on their faces and were talking with us and crewmembers back there and i went to go take a picture with them and they hugged me and i will always be remembering them at this show!

overall i am giving this performance a six out of five! i hope to see them live again.





concert review: k. flay, 4/9/17


fathom bistro, bait & tackle, shelter island

six out of five stars!

hi guys welcome back to six out of five and today for our review, is it a song? is it a band? or is it a concert? today it’s a concert, the k. flay concert down at fathom bistro!

so my mom, my cousin lou and i get out of the car and we’re sitting right there, chatting with the record label people (who had parked right behind us) and after a minute, i turned my head to see a red big car with k. flay kind of squatting in the front seat playing her guitar and getting ready to go on to the show! it was so funny to see her right there warming up. and hearing her voice, it’s it’s an amazing… like, she’s got an amazing kind of talent with her voice! and it’s fresh it’s new and it’s different and that’s what we like to see with new songs and bands and concerts.

so we walk up the pier and it’s not the like… it’s not 3000 people or anything, but it’s a good 30 or 40 people there, um, kind of either getting a drink at fathom bistro, or trying to find some bait and tackle  – ha ha ha – or other supplies that you’ll need to go fishing. (it truly is the coolest tiny beer bar & restaurant right on a pier with EXCELLENT beers on tap consistently – pliny the elder, anyone? – and it has its own bait and tackle shop too!) and one of the guys who works in the 91X radio station (zach, our afternoon guy) while the concert was going on was fishing while listening to this person’s concert! that’s funny!

so everybody kind of mellows out, we got to chitchat for a while, talk about what’s going on in our lives, and a bunch of people set up for the k. flay concert. there were cameras, mics, and action all going on right there. and then my mom started off with a welcome gesture and tells us about what could happen (i just said a little welcome to the crowd on behalf of 91X and introduced k. flay),  so we prepared ourselves for this wonderful outstanding concert coming up by k. flay!

so everybody’s kind of sitting around, she got her guitar ready and she has a partner with her and they start strumming their guitars and played their first song which was “high enough.” second, they played “paris” (??) and third they played “blood in the cut” which is personally my favorite now! and it was really kind of chill, everybody was just sitting and watching it it was a really fun experience. her voice is so different than what you would expect from an artist whose voice it’s so new, and it’s got something that i don’t think i’ve heard from any other artist before. it’s amazing! she’s very talented, very brave, very, um, out there and i think she’s ready to move onto her next album!

at the end and me and my family went up and got to meet her. she is so so nice, like unbelievably nice and she would stay in there to get photos and she’s very energetic and she was totally not like shy or kind of like acting like she was too perfect. she was actually really really nice and i do hope i get to see her again! i would definitely write this down as a 6 out of 5 concert stars! thank you and hope you guys enjoyed the blog.


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