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manchester orchestra “a black mile to the surface”



**SURPRISE RATING ALERT (rating will be revealed at the end of the post!)

hi guys! welcome back to six out of five. today, is it a song, a band, an album, a concert? it’s again an album! (also coming up next weekend, i’m going to 91X’s wrex the halls including dreamcar, vance joy and the lumineers so remember so keep your eyes peeled for the next post which will be a concert review!)

so today our review is for manchester orchestra a black mile to the surface. now before i get started i just want to warn you: at the end this post i am trying something a little bit new so stay tuned! so starting us off, i honestly think manchester orchestra is such a beautiful band. the way that all the music flows together so smoothly – so swiftly on and on – it’s so delicate, but it’s like you want to turn up the music every time you hear it. it’s something that is graceful but it also has kind of an alternative style. it is beautiful! his voice impresses me so much in the way that it flows so softly and doesn’t crack but that it can get high and low notes, it is just a perfect fit for this band. it almost feels like the entire band is river and there’s little fish swimming through it!

it’s so soft and then intense; at some parts it tends to speed up and go through different beats. it’s such a beautiful album! manchester orchestra plays the songs – i mean i’ve never really heard any band play any sort of music like this. i think it is a new phase or a new era of music! that being said, if you’re not one for quite the slowest songs, tune in a little bit further into their tracks and they have some kind of kicking type songs. i think it honestly has something for everyone and i do love, like i said, i do love every song on the album!

one of my favorite songs is definitely going to have to be “the alien.” that piano at the very last part it sounds exactly like a movie i’ve seen, you know if you seen la la land – it almost won the oscar for the best movie of the year – the way that it almost combines different genres of music, it’s just what i like to hear.

so like i said, there is a little bit of a twist at the end of this post, something i’ve never ever done anytime before: i think this band is so amazing that instead of rating them six out of five stars, i’m gonna give them the golden award and give them a seven out of five stars!! this has never been done on the blog before and will never happen again! seven out of five! congratulations manchester orchestra, you’ve impressed us all! thank you for reading and enjoy the rest of your day.

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temples “volcano”



three stars

i thought this band was kind of interesting and they’re – it has an interesting sound and their messages aren’t really the most positive but hey guys it’s fil and here’s my review:

we’re back with an english band. what are they called? (temples.) temples. um, for my opinion i would guess that they’re sort of kind of a depressing band with the message that they give out, and their sound isn’t the happiest. me and my mom have noticed that it’s kind of a lot of keyboards and a lot of layovers and an interesting sound.

i don’t know if it would be my favorite band or the band i give the most ratings to, but i do definitely think it is an odd but fresh and cool band.

also when i looked at their album cover, i saw a lot of, like, their album cover was really interesting that there were different styles and a lot of different looks that they prefer to use on their album. but when i opened it up, there’s this little package inside of their CD case and it has these pictures of them and when i saw them i told my mom, ‘oh my god mom they look exactly like the beatles!’ maybe not exactly but a little bit like the beatles. i think their haircuts and they’re kind of styled with makeup and they look kind of like the beatles! i don’t know, my dad has this photo drawing of the beatles at our house and i look at it all the time and i’ve kind of memorized it – these guys look exactly like the beatles. it’s very strange in a good way. i would give this band a three out of five stars. “A” for effort if that’s even how you spell it!

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the griswolds “high times for low lives”



four stars

i thought the griswolds were a good band and when i first started listening to the CD it sounded pretty cool!

it was first rock but then me and my mom both noticed that it sort of came into pop and started being more pop music. when we started listening furthermore into the album it got a little bit wild! the language was a little bit different and the content not so 10-year-old content! (plenty of f-bombs & a few suggestive lyrics that i didn’t even notice until she gasped in the back seat. but relatively harmless…)

overall i thought that the music was great the sound, is amazing, and i rate this band four out of five stars!

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