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dreamcar “dreamcar”



six out of five stars (!)

welcome back to six out of five! it’s fil here and today… is it an album, is it a song, is it… you guessed it, it’s an album! it’s dreamcar‘s new album “dreamcar”!

so most of you know the singer davey from AFI and most of you know no doubt‘s old band… well, put those together and you have dreamcar! i think that their album is a big hit! it’s really happy and it’s not very depressing and it’s upbeat and it’s kind of happy! me and my mom just love to sing along with all the lyrics and just kind of saying yeah whoa-oh-oh! and so i, um… i feel like their album is very uptone definitely. it pulls you into a good mood and always puts a smile on my face.

davey always kind of talks about girls and candy and all this other crazy stuff, i love it! (how about the “all the dead girls love me” song?) i LOVE that song!! i think it’s kind of funny and interesting and i feel like it’s kind of talking about… you’ve probably seen corpse bride and the nightmare before christmas or some of tim burton’s material so anyways i really think that it’s a lot like those funny ideas and it’s my favorite!

i think i’m gonna give this a six out of five review no matter what because i feel like it’s very happy and enjoyable and i would totally recommend this album to anybody who’s interested in dreamcar or anybody interested in AFI or no doubt. it’s a great album with great songs, all very happy and can pull you right out of the bad mood. also i have actually met davey havok the singer of dreamcar and you know, i really hope for the best for him because he was a really nice guy and he was totally totally deserves, um, the fame he’ll be getting from this album. and the other guys too, they are all really great as dreamcar and me and my mom love this album so much and sing to it over and over! (she’s not kidding. it has been on repeat during our commute lately.) and i listen to it in my room really loud too! until next time… 

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fil got to meet davey havok and AFI (they’re signing her pink giraffe phone case)

afghan whigs “in spades”

afghan whigs


four out of five stars

hi guys it’s fil from fil and hil at six out of five! today our artist is african? (afghan!) oh, afghan whigs! is it a CD, is it a concert, or is it an album? yes, it’s an album! “in spades” is their new album coming out – all right, let’s get right to it!

so my opinion on this band was definitely… they have a different outer view from what i’m used to. the music is very interesting and the style is definitely something i have heard before but in a different way. i do think that this band has potential (i was trying so hard not to giggle here!) and it’s a really cool record. i kind of do hear, um, some flaws on it but i do like it! i think it’s a cool album.

i feel this album makes me kind of feel like dark and deep and then some songs really feel like light and happy and nice. i feel this happiness when the horns and all the other instruments are just kind of coming as a background but also, like, build up the song and build up the song structure. i think that the singer’s voice is very interesting it’s definitely not what i would’ve expected. it’s it’s kind of a scratchy but professional voice and i do like it and i think it’s very original and different from what i have heard before!

(how long do you think this band has been together?)

you know, if i had to guess how long the afghan whigs have been a band by like listening to the music, i would probably guess around 20 to 30 years. (good guess!)

the beginning song of the album, i kind of felt it was… it was very sudden and kind of off beat a little bit to my hearing. i felt like it was just, not, it didn’t go with the album and it was very kind of disconnected and it was just too, like, apart from each other and it didn’t come together as a song and like what you want to hear like a chicken noodle song where it all strings together. it was kind of staccato and just kinda “blinky.”

(why do you think they put that song first on the album when it’s so different?)

i feel the reason why they put that song at the beginning of the record is because it was kind of trying to show what they’re going for and their new kind of music, and also like it might be their favorite song and the point they’re trying to make is ‘this is what our band plays and this is the kind of music we like to produce and so we want you to hear this before you hear the rest of the album to kind of see if you like it or not’.

i give this band four out of five stars which is a pretty good rating! thanks for reading and we’ll see you next time on six out of five, fil and hil version!

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concert review: kings of leon, 4/28/17

fin kol

mattress firm amphitheater, chula vista (she texted me this shot when they got there)

six out of five stars

hi guys it’s fil from six out of five with a new review! is it a song is, is it a concert, is it an album? it’s a concert! and can you guess which concert it is? it is the kings of leon concert down at sleep train amphitheater in chula vista! if you went, you all know it was very awesome!

the moment we get there, i jump out of the car and we’re on this grassy field parking lot and there’s parties going on and all these like fun events going on kind of down at the parking lot, so we just walk around. finally we get down to the entrance of the amphitheater and we’re getting ready to go in and we can hear the music, they are getting ready to put on the first band. congratulations to the first opening band, deerhunter! i think deerhunter had a pretty good show, um, they are not my favorite band but they apparently inspired the kings of leon! they actually made an announcement – the kings of leon during the concert made an announcement – that deerhead (crying!) had, wait, deerhunter had actually inspired the kings of leon to write more music, so i thought that was pretty cool!

so we start walking in and we give our tickets (i went with my dad). on we go and there’s this green screen photo thing you can take and i did take a photo with my dad in that and it was pretty hilarious! anyhoo so we get to our seats and i’m like, “dude, i need some kettle corn!” so my dad and i go down to the ATM, we get me a sprite, he got a beer and we get some cash and on the way down we saw someone that my mom used to work with: woodsy! i want to give a special shout out to him because i know he reads these blogs, he’s an awesome guy! we met him and his girlfriend hannah and we said hello and and it was really great to see him because i haven’t seen him in a while!

so we get to our seats, and then the kings of leon open, and the writing is amazing and the songs are perfect! they play “comeback story” and – i think they did – and they played all their, like, all the old songs kind of towards the beginning. and they started putting up the new record songs and the concert was just great!! everybody was on their feet and it was an adult concert so they were a little bit of an adult sightings (she told me the couple next to her made out a lot) but i felt that the concert was amazing! the songs were just great, caleb is the singer of the kings of leon, he did a great job! there’s no stage fright, you couldn’t tell anything.

so yeah, i would definitely give this concert a six out of five stars of course! personally i am a big fan of kings of leon, the show was great like I said, the lighting was amazing. actually believe it or not, when I was about six years old my mom took me to one of their concerts and i actually got to meet them not knowing who they were, that was kind of funny! i just feel so lucky that i got to do that. but thank you guys for reading, hope to see you guys next time!

bruno mars “24k magic”



five stars

hi guys it’s fil from six out of five, and today our new review is going to be on the bruno mars new cd, “24 karat magic”. overall you’ve probably heard one or two songs on the radio – “that’s what i like” or “24 karat magic” – and although the songs have tune and they have great vocals, there’s also a down part: there’s many words that are inappropriate and don’t always mean the best. whether it’s a curse word or talking about adult subjects, his songs can be romance or comedies.

me and my mom started to listen to the songs, we have the entire CD playing over and over again in the car (and over, and over, and o v e r). something we stumbled on is every single song is about a girl! talk about tough love, am i right? (she cracked up after saying this).

his voice is very interesting. it can go in a very different range. it can go from highest to lowest, see how that works? ha ha ha! his music is very inspiring and it’s also good to listen to because there’s many different vocal chords that change the mood, like it’s a slow song or it’s a enthusiastic song. it gets me pumped up for my jog-athon! (she reviewed this on the morning of her school’s jog-a-thon.) i would definitely give this CD probably a five out of five stars because some of the other songs are the most appropriate and the two great songs are definitely hits are “24 karat magic” and “that’s what i like.” i would recommend listening to them but if you have a young child in the car maybe turn it on the down low. see you next time on six out of five!

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concert review: k. flay, 4/9/17


fathom bistro, bait & tackle, shelter island

six out of five stars!

hi guys welcome back to six out of five and today for our review, is it a song? is it a band? or is it a concert? today it’s a concert, the k. flay concert down at fathom bistro!

so my mom, my cousin lou and i get out of the car and we’re sitting right there, chatting with the record label people (who had parked right behind us) and after a minute, i turned my head to see a red big car with k. flay kind of squatting in the front seat playing her guitar and getting ready to go on to the show! it was so funny to see her right there warming up. and hearing her voice, it’s it’s an amazing… like, she’s got an amazing kind of talent with her voice! and it’s fresh it’s new and it’s different and that’s what we like to see with new songs and bands and concerts.

so we walk up the pier and it’s not the like… it’s not 3000 people or anything, but it’s a good 30 or 40 people there, um, kind of either getting a drink at fathom bistro, or trying to find some bait and tackle  – ha ha ha – or other supplies that you’ll need to go fishing. (it truly is the coolest tiny beer bar & restaurant right on a pier with EXCELLENT beers on tap consistently – pliny the elder, anyone? – and it has its own bait and tackle shop too!) and one of the guys who works in the 91X radio station (zach, our afternoon guy) while the concert was going on was fishing while listening to this person’s concert! that’s funny!

so everybody kind of mellows out, we got to chitchat for a while, talk about what’s going on in our lives, and a bunch of people set up for the k. flay concert. there were cameras, mics, and action all going on right there. and then my mom started off with a welcome gesture and tells us about what could happen (i just said a little welcome to the crowd on behalf of 91X and introduced k. flay),  so we prepared ourselves for this wonderful outstanding concert coming up by k. flay!

so everybody’s kind of sitting around, she got her guitar ready and she has a partner with her and they start strumming their guitars and played their first song which was “high enough.” second, they played “paris” (??) and third they played “blood in the cut” which is personally my favorite now! and it was really kind of chill, everybody was just sitting and watching it it was a really fun experience. her voice is so different than what you would expect from an artist whose voice it’s so new, and it’s got something that i don’t think i’ve heard from any other artist before. it’s amazing! she’s very talented, very brave, very, um, out there and i think she’s ready to move onto her next album!

at the end and me and my family went up and got to meet her. she is so so nice, like unbelievably nice and she would stay in there to get photos and she’s very energetic and she was totally not like shy or kind of like acting like she was too perfect. she was actually really really nice and i do hope i get to see her again! i would definitely write this down as a 6 out of 5 concert stars! thank you and hope you guys enjoyed the blog.


spoon “hot thoughts”



four stars

hi guys, it’s fil from fil and hil here at six out of five with a new review today – it is the spoons “hot thoughts”! (the spoons! dying over here)

so today for my review i would definitely… i thought it was GOOD. because the music was definitely something i haven’t heard before! it was kind of new, and kind of electric in their vibe, it was just sort of on a beat but still keeping it on the down low with the bass! um i do like it, it’s better, it’s probably not my favorite band but it’s OK for me!

their music was kind of like different from each other – each song – so they were kind of like very unlike a pattern. like one song would be awesome and would sound like this, and another song would sound like that, and then the next song would sound like the first! like it was just kind of rock back-and-forth.

i think i’m giving this band a four out of five stars! thanks for reading my review, see you next time on fil hil six out of five!

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concert review: red hot chili peppers, 3/21/17


valley view casino center, san diego

six out of five stars!

when we first pulled in the parking lot, everything was sorta chill and there were people getting in line and the doors were not open yet. a lot of people were starting to like get there so me and my mom went to go backstage and there was this ramp and oh my god! i just felt so special. like, it was an honor to be going there with my mom and just like seeing what she does for part of her job! (ok, that totally melted me, sweet girl! she was SO excited for this show and had no idea what was in store.)

then we were backstage and she was interviewing the flea (fil calling him “the flea” all night slayed me). i sat right outside the room and i hit it off with the security guard – now my good friend – and one of the roadies’ daughters, maddie, who was about 15, 16… or 21 maybe. but i heard a backstage peptalk that the main roadie gave to the other roadies and WOW was that colorful! (she couldn’t get over how many f-bombs the crew leader dropped when he was doling out instructions). then flea walked past me and he had a coffee stain on his sweatpants!

so we first walked into the concert after getting dinner and after the interview, and i was blown away! trombone shorty was opening for the red hot chili peppers and they were on their last song so we got to get the very last part of it and boy, was it amazing! it was so great and i was just blown away! the saxophones and the trombones and the trumpet which personally i do play trumpet at my school but that’s a different story…

at the concert there were MANY people and everybody was just up and kind of like getting ready for the concert and kind of dancing in a little bit. everything was going good and then we waited for like five minutes as the band got set up for the chili peppers. and then the lights go down and these blue headlights come up and everything is just AMAZING!! the light work  – oh my god, i would shout out to all of the people – the roadies and others – who helped with the lights! i mean, it was incredible and they had this light fixture where there was like this big plate and it had these strings, a bunch of tiny little strings holding these lanterns and they would bounce up-and-down and oh my god it was just so amazing! (her eyes and her smile were HUGE for the first few songs! i think it blew her mind.)

and then three hot chili peppers come on and before this, i think i knew some of their songs but i didn’t know them well and i never was really a big big fan of them because i didn’t really know their songs that well, but then i heard them at the concert – in concert – and oh my gosh it blew me away! now i just want to listen to them a lot.

we had pretty good seats. um, yeah, we we had very good seats, they were kind of like above the floor just like one row above the floor so we could see pretty well. we had to stand up most of the time because it was so awkward sitting down because you were the only one!

and then the record label (management) guy aaron that my mom had known previously took us and since he knew the band, he took us backstage through this little corridor and then we were on the side of the stage!! right next to the stage and they were like it was like a VIP and right there on the side of the stage and it was just amazing! my mom held me up and i looked up over the concert and crowd and you could see the flea wearing his amazing funny outfits!

it was just great. i would give this concert, for the first concert review we are doing for our blog, six out of five stars! good job red hot chili peppers, will see you next time!



temples “volcano”



three stars

i thought this band was kind of interesting and they’re – it has an interesting sound and their messages aren’t really the most positive but hey guys it’s fil and here’s my review:

we’re back with an english band. what are they called? (temples.) temples. um, for my opinion i would guess that they’re sort of kind of a depressing band with the message that they give out, and their sound isn’t the happiest. me and my mom have noticed that it’s kind of a lot of keyboards and a lot of layovers and an interesting sound.

i don’t know if it would be my favorite band or the band i give the most ratings to, but i do definitely think it is an odd but fresh and cool band.

also when i looked at their album cover, i saw a lot of, like, their album cover was really interesting that there were different styles and a lot of different looks that they prefer to use on their album. but when i opened it up, there’s this little package inside of their CD case and it has these pictures of them and when i saw them i told my mom, ‘oh my god mom they look exactly like the beatles!’ maybe not exactly but a little bit like the beatles. i think their haircuts and they’re kind of styled with makeup and they look kind of like the beatles! i don’t know, my dad has this photo drawing of the beatles at our house and i look at it all the time and i’ve kind of memorized it – these guys look exactly like the beatles. it’s very strange in a good way. i would give this band a three out of five stars. “A” for effort if that’s even how you spell it!

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hanni el khatib – “savage times (the complete collection)”



one out of five stars (ouch!)

(i had forgotten about all the f-bombs in the first song, so she heard about 30 seconds of that before i skipped to track two. she said, “MOM, did he say fuh…?!?” and i told her that was, in fact, what he was saying. so this review really starts at the second song in the collection.)

i thought the songs were just really depressing and all of them were about like sad concepts and it’s kind of funny because it’s like hard rock in the beginning and they’re all really sad!

in the first song he said cursewords the second song was like really really depressing and the third song was like three seconds in and he was SCREAMING and it was really odd.

the paralyze song – i think it was the fourth song on the album – i liked it! i thought it was cool and the song itself was catchy and the melody and the words kind of all strung together and it was, i think, it was the best of their album. and then song number five is not the single (cracks me up that she’s thinking in terms of singles) but i think it’s OK. mangoes and rice.

i would give this band one out of five stars. i like the paralyze song but that, like, it was one song on the entire album  – which i have no idea how long this album is – and the rest of the songs is pure torture listening to me.

(ok, wow! “torture”? that’s a strong word. i know you usually prefer more polished pop music, was it the fact that his sound is so raw that bothered you?)

i didn’t like personally how the sound was raw because i think like it’s one thing to kind of be, like, yeah, we’re not perfect and yeah we’re not totally tuned in, but it’s still kind of good rock, but it’s another thing to totally not care about the sound and a strum your guitar like a three-year-old!

(ok, ok, so… here’s a thought: what if he really does care and he LIKES the rawness because it sounds more real, and he’s making his music sound this way on purpose because that’s what he likes?)

so it could possibly be, um, that he does like that sound and that he cares about that sound, but honestly, if you’re going to put that much time in the writing and making music, at least clean it up a little bit!

(fair enough! my two cents: i am REALLY digging this album. it’s a collection all of the EPs he released in the last year or so, with some new music too. so fil and i happily agreed to disagree.)

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