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concert review: mt. joy and vista kicks, 7/25/18

fin soundcheck

(f watching vista kicks soundcheck)

five out of five + six out of five stars

we’re back with six out of five! sorry it took us SO long but here we are with our next concert review with mt. joy and vista kicks!

it all started that evening and i was so pumped to see some new music! we got to the venue and it was so lit up in the backdrop behind the stage, it looked so amazing at the music box. i was watching vista kicks soundcheck and it was so cool! we checked in with 91X (we were doing a live broadcast from inside the venue) and were ready to go get our ice cream on! minutes later, we walked back out of the music box and headed over to salt and straw which i totally recommend for some great ice cream right after or right before the music box. anyway, by the time we got back to the music box venue it was jam-packed and it was incredible to see how many people show solidarity to certain bands and how many people are willing to try new things! i thought it was pretty cool.

we got a table at the back and watched vista kicks. it was truly awesome. they had such upbeat great songs that i’ve never heard before and they definitely get a spot on my playlist now! they had some kind of vibe that was more like retro-style clothing with new alternative kind of music, but it still has a little taste of pop to it. i really enjoyed watching them, especially with their great hospitality and the great energy spreading through the crowd! not even halfway through their set they got everyone in music box to clap along to one of their songs. my top favorite vista kicks song definitely had to be “mona lisa” – the way they performed it, the way it sounded, it was all just amazing!

the seating arrangements were a little hard because it was so packed… (she was bummed there weren’t more places to sit, long day at summer camp!) everyone was sitting down in the available seats but occasionally i could find a spot and go sit down and when i was sitting down next to the stage it was like magical! i was breathless because of how good you could see all of the artists but also how my feet didn’t have to hurt the whole time!

finally, my favorite band came on: mt. joy! they were just outstanding! they had the most beautiful lyrics to the songs and the most fun charisma on stage. everything was just so put together and the band which is so great was really out there with their music, the energy is the kind i felt at the lumineers concert and i loved it so much! i got to see the lumineers at wrex the halls 2017 and this show brought me back to so many memories! i enjoyed mt. joy’s music also because they started to get everyone in the crowd dancing like no one was watching, clapping along like no one was listening, and singing along like they were drunk i think!! it was funny!  i also really enjoyed the way all the different people dressed throughout the concert. honestly i’m breathless, i am, i loved every little part of the concert and the fact that in between songs – not every time but some songs – they would pause and tell you things like, “oh, this song is about a german shepherd, we didn’t play it for a while but then we started to again,” or say some funny comments.

in the band there were some people that really stood out to me, so i’m giving a big shout out to sam the guitar player! sam was so nice when we met him before the show, he had this warm kind of vibe just glaring from every side of him! he was just so nice and he had no problems with anything and he was just so kind and caring and made sure that everything was taken care of on their end and i was just blown away with how sweet he was to me and my mom. but i also want to give a warm shout out to the pianist or the keyboard player! she had a solo last night at the concert that was just AMAZING, we were sitting up above on one of the risers watching her and you couldn’t stare at a finger for more than a second, they were moving so quickly and so many different chords, so many different notes and it was inspiring to see her so powerful in song! and i really thought that that was her time to shine! and i think the fact that mt. joy has both girls and boys in their band is so great!

i’m gonna go for vista kicks, you guys get a five out of five rating! and mt. joy, you guys get a SIX out of five! thank you so much for the wonderful memories from the concert in my mind and we love you guys so much!

fin mt joy

(photo by f)

concert review: k. flay and sir sly, 1/13/18


(that’s f’s head at the bottom of the shot)

six out of five stars

hi guys and welcome back to six out of five today for a new concert review! today we are reviewing k. flay‘s concert or acoustic live show with sir sly opening for them!

our day started with us waking up and going to starbucks and then after that we went on a little detour to belmont park to ride rollercoasters! after that we went home and got ready for a surprise trip with the 91X crew to go bowling with k. flay and sir sly (we hosted a private bowling event for some listeners before the performance). sadly by the time we got there, k. flay and sir sly had just kind of run out so we missed them there. so we drove over to south park and by the time we got to the (vinyl junkies) record shop there were already over about 100 people standing in front of the stage! sadly the stage was a little driveway so there wasn’t much room and everything was pretty cramped. we still had some time before they played so we walked and got ice cream around the corner. then we went back to the record store and there were like 300 people there by then!

with all the people standing in the driveway and across the street there was not much room to see, so we breezed back into the record shop and saw some of my mom’s friends. many people were trying to look through the blinds to see what was going on outside. it was kind of harsh with the taller people in front! but my mom’s friend from their record company helped us get a good place to stand and we ended up getting a pretty close spot to the “stage” except a couple people wouldn’t kneel down so it was kind of hard to see a little bit. but other than that it was pretty awesome!

by the time the show started, sir sly opened up with a couple of songs! they played… probably my favorite was “high” and everyone was amazing! the hardest part was the speakers were right next to us so it was a little loud so my mom made us put napkins in our ears. there were people in the trees across the way trying to see!

sir sly got on the stage and they immediately welcomed us, they were very kind and very funny and were talking to the crowd like we were all friends! it was such an enjoyable show and i would love to see them again! and k. flay is so nice and funny and i love the way her voice sounds with unique personality and it’s unique sound! her lyrics are maybe a little bit more adult and not for children, but all the lyrics usually make sense! she sounded so good!

after she played about six songs we walked into a back courtyard and my mom and i met sir sly back there and boy were they nice! they had big grins on their faces and were talking with us and crewmembers back there and i went to go take a picture with them and they hugged me and i will always be remembering them at this show!

overall i am giving this performance a six out of five! i hope to see them live again.





manchester orchestra “a black mile to the surface”



**SURPRISE RATING ALERT (rating will be revealed at the end of the post!)

hi guys! welcome back to six out of five. today, is it a song, a band, an album, a concert? it’s again an album! (also coming up next weekend, i’m going to 91X’s wrex the halls including dreamcar, vance joy and the lumineers so remember so keep your eyes peeled for the next post which will be a concert review!)

so today our review is for manchester orchestra a black mile to the surface. now before i get started i just want to warn you: at the end this post i am trying something a little bit new so stay tuned! so starting us off, i honestly think manchester orchestra is such a beautiful band. the way that all the music flows together so smoothly – so swiftly on and on – it’s so delicate, but it’s like you want to turn up the music every time you hear it. it’s something that is graceful but it also has kind of an alternative style. it is beautiful! his voice impresses me so much in the way that it flows so softly and doesn’t crack but that it can get high and low notes, it is just a perfect fit for this band. it almost feels like the entire band is river and there’s little fish swimming through it!

it’s so soft and then intense; at some parts it tends to speed up and go through different beats. it’s such a beautiful album! manchester orchestra plays the songs – i mean i’ve never really heard any band play any sort of music like this. i think it is a new phase or a new era of music! that being said, if you’re not one for quite the slowest songs, tune in a little bit further into their tracks and they have some kind of kicking type songs. i think it honestly has something for everyone and i do love, like i said, i do love every song on the album!

one of my favorite songs is definitely going to have to be “the alien.” that piano at the very last part it sounds exactly like a movie i’ve seen, you know if you seen la la land – it almost won the oscar for the best movie of the year – the way that it almost combines different genres of music, it’s just what i like to hear.

so like i said, there is a little bit of a twist at the end of this post, something i’ve never ever done anytime before: i think this band is so amazing that instead of rating them six out of five stars, i’m gonna give them the golden award and give them a seven out of five stars!! this has never been done on the blog before and will never happen again! seven out of five! congratulations manchester orchestra, you’ve impressed us all! thank you for reading and enjoy the rest of your day.

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st. vincent “masseduction”



six out of five stars

hi guys and welcome back to six out of five! today, is it a song, an album, a band, or a concert? it’s an album! this is st. vincent‘s new album masseduction . i honestly love this album! i feel like it’s really something new. what i was saying to my mom is that it’s got the music of beth ditto, it’s got the voice of lorde, and kind of a 90s twist on some of the music!

i definitely think that her single song “los ageless” – i feel that this song could definitely hit it off on the radio. many of her other songs are not quite fit for 91X in my taste (i often ask her if she thinks a song is right for 91X when we listen to new music together, so that’s where this is coming from i think). i do love however this sound that she does and i feel like it’s it is time for change and it is time for something different in the music industry. this was definitely one of my favorite albums if you know what i mean.

(how do you feel about her songwriting?) i kind of like how there’s different varieties and it’s all got something for everyone’s taste. like some of the songs are kind of soft and her voice is kind of pushed out a little bit but some of the songs it’s really like rockin’, kind of shady and edgy and i really like her personality through her songs. i feel like it’s something, like i said, it’s something new, it’s something different, and i think it’s going to really hit it off.

(what do you think of her guitar playing?) i think that she is an awesome guitar player! i mean it’s cool when women can sing awesome rock songs but to add that detail of playing the guitar is just hitting it off, it’s just really adding the cherry on top. i really like how she plays a guitar. i feel like we don’t really have a girl or very many women rock bands and i feel like this is going to really step us up and kind of enter us into a new phase of music.

(what do you think the album artwork?) you know, personally when i wake up in the morning and i come in my mom’s car to listen to an awesome CD to get myself ready for school, i prefer not to see someone’s butt hanging out! it just doesn’t really seem to mix with me. i think it’s a little bit on the, what’s the word? productive? (provocative?) provocative side and it doesn’t really feel like she is showing off her music on the cover. i do like her album but not so much the artwork.

in conclusion of the review, i would give her six out of five! i think she made a really cool album and i want to hear more of her! thanks you guys for reading and enjoy the rest of your day.

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queens of the stone age “villains”



six out of five stars

welcome back to six out of five! today, is it a song, an album, or an artist? well today it’s just another album! today we’re reviewing the queens of the stone age new album called villains.

so this upbeat album is definitely one to remember if you like to rock and talk about what you’ve heard! queens of the stone age’s new album is very loud and has many instrumental solos and different types of instruments. some of the instruments included are the synth and a lot of electric guitar and bass.

personally i like the queens of the stone age new album! i think it’s very upbeat and it makes me seem more happy. and for some reason, in some way josh has a weird way of getting his voice to sound so good in my brain.

when we started listening to the CD, the first song that we heard was “don’t fail me now feet” and about three minutes of the song was an intro. when it was no singing, no vocals, just instruments and i did think “oh that’s kind of cool if you don’t like all the instruments together in the layers of the song,” but personally i think it wasn’t enough vocals and that it was maybe a little bit too long. but other than that i love their songs and every song on the album, like i was saying earlier, is very upbeat and has a very happy and move it and groove and movement kind of way! i’m not really sure how it makes me feel except for happy.

personally my favorite song on the album is definitely “the way you used to do!” i thought that the song didn’t have too many instrumental breaks but it definitely kept the song moving and grooving. personally i think tons of people are gonna love queens of the stone age’s new album including me and my dad, my stepdad, my granddad, and apparently my mom! (she’s right, i loooove it.) so today for our rating i want to give the queens of the stone age a six out of five! thanks queens of the stone age – you guys definitely rocked my world! see you guys later!

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wolf parade “cry cry cry”



three out of five stars

welcome back to six out of five! today, are we reviewing an album, an artist, a song? well guess what, san diego – we are doing an album!

this album is is not my personal favorite but i know quite a few people who i think would enjoy it, including my dad and stepdad and granddad! [and mom]. just messing with you.

today’s album is by wolf parade, it’s called cry cry cry and they have some lovely artwork! so the first song we listened to was three minutes and 26 seconds long. it’s called “lazarus online.” i’m not going to lie, it wasn’t my favorite song in the world, but like i was saying earlier i know quite a few people who would love it!

so the concept i’ve kind of been getting from all of the songs is almost depressing. not all of the songs are very happy at all. the singer, he has kind of more of a dark voice but i’m not going to say that it’s bad (although i could give him a couple vocal lessons just to straighten him up! just kidding).

moving on, the second song “you’re dreaming” is three minutes and 38 seconds long and boy is it dreamy, get it? to kick it off, they play an organ on the very first notes. i think it’s an OK song and it’s a little bit more happy in the beginning… until the singer’s voice comes in. i mean, seriously, he could come to me for vocal lessons! i wouldn’t mind as long as i’m getting paid, but then again i’m just a kid. [wow!] now that i am thinking of it, the singer of wolf parade almost sounds like davey havok from dreamcar. the whole album kinda goes up and down but is all dark.

anyways to conclude this review, i give wolf parade’s album a three out of five stars. good job, wolf parade! cry cry cry is definitely one of the new best albums. i’m going to recommend it to my dad, my stepdad, and my granddad. 

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punk goes pop vol. 7



six out of five stars!

welcome back to six out of five! we are happy to say we are back for the blog! so today… is it an album? a song? an artist? it’s an album! but not just any album, it’s a compilation album! #NewWordOfTheDay (i had just explained to her what “compilation” meant and she was stoked to work it in here!)

so in this album we have a bunch of punk bands covering pop songs. ladies and gentlemen, it is punk goes pop volume seven on fearless records! for all you pop lovers who like a little kick of rock, we have “stitches” originally performed by shawn mendes, but in this album covering shawn mendes we have state champs! this is one of my favorite songs on the album. i like it because not only does it have the lyrics of a love and break up song, but it has a little hard rock guitar and some really cool vocalizing.

if you need something to wake you up in the morning, try listening to “that’s what i like” originally done by bruno mars but covered by dance gavin dance on this compilation album. some of us like chill, relaxing adele songs… others like stuff like “screamo” (another word she had just learned). well if you’re in the mood for getting screamed at in a bruno mars song, i would definitely turn on this version of “that’s what i like!” it’s interesting because half of the lyrics are covered by a nice vocalizing man and half the lyrics are screamed by who knows what or who!

anyways, speaking of adele, we have her song “when we were young” on the album too. originally as you all know performed by adele, but on this one it’s covered by andy black featuring juliet simms.

moving on, another one of my favorites is “shape of you” originally performed by ed sheeran but on this album it’s covered by eat your heart out. that sounds like a great band name, i totally want to go see them in concert – let’s just hope they don’t eat my heart out! so the funny part (or what i like to call the great part) of the song is that it’s actually sung by a woman! i wonder if she came up with the name of the band name eat your heart out? ed sheeran is english so he has a little bit of an accent but to put a little twist on this, the woman singing this does have an accent but it’s australian! how cool is that?!? so if you’re into australian pop that’s a little bit a punk, i’d definitely check out “shape of you!”

overall, i love this album! iI think it’s really happy and out there but it also has a little rock kick to it, so out of five i would give it a six! ladies and gentlemen, six out of five!

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beth ditto “fake sugar”



six out of five stars (!)

hi guys and welcome back to six out of five! sorry we haven’t posted often but we are back in the game now. today, is it a song? an album? an artist? it’s an album!

today’s album is by beth ditto – fake sugar – let’s get to it. so honestly i think that it’s actually pretty good! i would definitely recommend it! it’s not very hard rock but it’s not very really slow music – it’s kind of in the middle. i don’t… i can’t say what genre i would think it is because i honestly don’t know. but i do think it’s kind of depends, like the song that you play depends on the way of your day. like if you’re having a great happy fun “out there” day, you could listen to maybe her third or “go baby go,” something with a little bit more up beat. if you’re kind of having a slower but happy day, you could maybe listen to her second song, and if you’re having a really kind of harder day and it’s just not really going your way or something is just not right, listen to the first song “fire,” her new hit single!

guess what? the other day i walked into starbucks and they’re playing “fire” by beth ditto!!  super surprising! so i get out my phone and i text my mom, “guess what starbucks is playing? “fire” by beth ditto!! super cool, right?” and she responds with a bunch of emojis and, you know how either your mom or your friends always do. like. emoji wars? maybe not but i do!

i just feel like i think her song is really becoming a big hit! i hope to hear it playing on the radio sometimes because you know, not to get all soft on you, but it’s nice to hear a song that me and my mom can really really understand with each other and just kind of have times when we hear it together.

so now to actually talk about the songs: in the first song “fire” – her big hit single – it’s kind of an interesting song because when it first starts playing, it’s kind of is mellow and slower. she sings the first chorus into the bridge and then she sings part of the chorus and then just out of nowhere there’s a pause in the song… and then the drums and the guitar in the bass just KICK IN! and it’s loud and it’s outgoing and it’s pretty cool because it just has like this little drum roll and then it just straight HITS it and i just think that it’s a really cool song! i definitely recommend it to anybody who’s kind of on into, well, rock music. and the second song “in and out” is a pretty good song too. it’s actually a romantic song – i wouldn’t play it for your boyfriend though! ha ha! it’s not really gonna get you anywhere! it’s called “in and out of love,” well, more like “in and out” but the chorus goes “because i’m in and out of love.” like i said, don’t play for your boyfriend, it won’t get you anywhere! (dying!)

so not only do the songs have kind of a punch, but so does beth ditto’s voice! she has kind of a strong but still beautiful voice that really packs a punch. i mean, whenever i listen to this album, it really makes me and my mom proud that we are women and we are girls and it just kind of shows how not only we are powerful, but so are our voices, not only in song, but in life… because we hear that in beth ditto’s voice. (this slayed me.)

personally, i give this album a six out of five! congratulations beth ditto! i love your album and love your voice! thanks guys so much and we will see you next time on six out of five!

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bleachers “gone now”



three out of five stars

hi guys, welcome back to six out of five! is it an album or song a band or a concert? it’s an album! that’s right, today we are interviewing or i should say reviewing the bleachers gone now album – let’s get to it.

most of you have heard the bleachers, i think he (jack antonoff) is one of the best producers around and he also helped lorde with their new album and in fact lorde is actually in this album helping them out! so when you hear this, or when i hear this i kind of go… well, it’s a little bit funky in my opinion. it’s not like new style of pop or rap or hip-hop or any of those genres of music. it’s kind of new and funky and i don’t really know how to describe it! maybe a little bit is jazz? or some of the songs could be kind of pop, a rocker, an indie rock song, something in that genre.

my mom and i listened to their new hit single “don’t take the money” and then we listened to the rest of the album (i wanted to see if she recognized the single, but no dice). no, of course it wasn’t my favorite song on the album! i DO kind of like “to get married” (“let’s get married”) or some of the other songs though. i noticed some of his songs are about love and some of the songs are about girls but also i kind of feel like some of the songs are from life experience maybe.

i also noticed that, well, in bruno mars‘ new song “perm” he brings in some of those outside noises from kind of the outside world – like a simple whistle blowing – and that’s kind of what he (jack) did! some of their songs bring in sounds from the outside world and put them in their songs like a whistle blower, a dog bark, or a cat meow, something from the outside world that when you hear it, you can think “i remember that sound, what is that sound?” you say that in your mind and then you’ll be like, “oh, either that sound matches up with the lyric or it matches up with the rest of the song around it.”

there’s also many horns and bells and instruments that are foreign, i mean you usually hear that in jazz or blues but bells? it sounded like a christmas song! to hear that and then the get married song on the gone now bleachers album, that was kind of a surprise! 

it’s not my favorite album personally, i think that i’ve heard better albums before but i do like it somewhat. i do hope that there are many people and, i actually know that there are many people that are going to enjoy this album. overall i feel like their album is, like i said, different…it’s some sounds nobody’s really heard before or that i specifically haven’t heard before and i think it’s kind of a new genre! it definitely does not match up with any genre of music right now.

overall i think their album at least was pretty pretty good! i give this CD a three out of five stars. congratulations you guys, you’ve done well!

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