hi! we’re hil & fil, a mom & daughter from san diego who listen to a lot of music together.

fil (her nickname du jour) is ten years old and in fourth grade, and her band circuit beats played at our local house of blues not too long ago. 

i’m hilary, fil’s mom. i’m the music director and midday DJ on 91X here in san diego, and part of my job requires listening to a LOT of new music.

we have a long commute sometimes, so we listen together to a lot of the new music i’ve been sent at the radio station. lately, i’ve been recording fil’s thoughts about the stuff we hear, and we decided to write it down – so that’s this: six out of five! we called it that because we rate albums on a scale of one to five stars, but when we REALLY like something, it gets six.

as you read, you’ll see my comments in parentheses – the rest is all her. thanks for reading and happy listening. music rules! 

blogdljehuwe saw drive like jehu together in balboa park once. it was awesome!