six out of five stars

hi guys and welcome back to six out of five! today, is it a song, an album, a band, or a concert? it’s an album! this is st. vincent‘s new album masseduction . i honestly love this album! i feel like it’s really something new. what i was saying to my mom is that it’s got the music of beth ditto, it’s got the voice of lorde, and kind of a 90s twist on some of the music!

i definitely think that her single song “los ageless” – i feel that this song could definitely hit it off on the radio. many of her other songs are not quite fit for 91X in my taste (i often ask her if she thinks a song is right for 91X when we listen to new music together, so that’s where this is coming from i think). i do love however this sound that she does and i feel like it’s it is time for change and it is time for something different in the music industry. this was definitely one of my favorite albums if you know what i mean.

(how do you feel about her songwriting?) i kind of like how there’s different varieties and it’s all got something for everyone’s taste. like some of the songs are kind of soft and her voice is kind of pushed out a little bit but some of the songs it’s really like rockin’, kind of shady and edgy and i really like her personality through her songs. i feel like it’s something, like i said, it’s something new, it’s something different, and i think it’s going to really hit it off.

(what do you think of her guitar playing?) i think that she is an awesome guitar player! i mean it’s cool when women can sing awesome rock songs but to add that detail of playing the guitar is just hitting it off, it’s just really adding the cherry on top. i really like how she plays a guitar. i feel like we don’t really have a girl or very many women rock bands and i feel like this is going to really step us up and kind of enter us into a new phase of music.

(what do you think the album artwork?) you know, personally when i wake up in the morning and i come in my mom’s car to listen to an awesome CD to get myself ready for school, i prefer not to see someone’s butt hanging out! it just doesn’t really seem to mix with me. i think it’s a little bit on the, what’s the word? productive? (provocative?) provocative side and it doesn’t really feel like she is showing off her music on the cover. i do like her album but not so much the artwork.

in conclusion of the review, i would give her six out of five! i think she made a really cool album and i want to hear more of her! thanks you guys for reading and enjoy the rest of your day.

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