three out of five stars

welcome back to six out of five! today, are we reviewing an album, an artist, a song? well guess what, san diego – we are doing an album!

this album is is not my personal favorite but i know quite a few people who i think would enjoy it, including my dad and stepdad and granddad! [and mom]. just messing with you.

today’s album is by wolf parade, it’s called cry cry cry and they have some lovely artwork! so the first song we listened to was three minutes and 26 seconds long. it’s called “lazarus online.” i’m not going to lie, it wasn’t my favorite song in the world, but like i was saying earlier i know quite a few people who would love it!

so the concept i’ve kind of been getting from all of the songs is almost depressing. not all of the songs are very happy at all. the singer, he has kind of more of a dark voice but i’m not going to say that it’s bad (although i could give him a couple vocal lessons just to straighten him up! just kidding).

moving on, the second song “you’re dreaming” is three minutes and 38 seconds long and boy is it dreamy, get it? to kick it off, they play an organ on the very first notes. i think it’s an OK song and it’s a little bit more happy in the beginning… until the singer’s voice comes in. i mean, seriously, he could come to me for vocal lessons! i wouldn’t mind as long as i’m getting paid, but then again i’m just a kid. [wow!] now that i am thinking of it, the singer of wolf parade almost sounds like davey havok from dreamcar. the whole album kinda goes up and down but is all dark.

anyways to conclude this review, i give wolf parade’s album a three out of five stars. good job, wolf parade! cry cry cry is definitely one of the new best albums. i’m going to recommend it to my dad, my stepdad, and my granddad. 

get it here.