six out of five stars!

welcome back to six out of five! we are happy to say we are back for the blog! so today… is it an album? a song? an artist? it’s an album! but not just any album, it’s a compilation album! #NewWordOfTheDay (i had just explained to her what “compilation” meant and she was stoked to work it in here!)

so in this album we have a bunch of punk bands covering pop songs. ladies and gentlemen, it is punk goes pop volume seven on fearless records! for all you pop lovers who like a little kick of rock, we have “stitches” originally performed by shawn mendes, but in this album covering shawn mendes we have state champs! this is one of my favorite songs on the album. i like it because not only does it have the lyrics of a love and break up song, but it has a little hard rock guitar and some really cool vocalizing.

if you need something to wake you up in the morning, try listening to “that’s what i like” originally done by bruno mars but covered by dance gavin dance on this compilation album. some of us like chill, relaxing adele songs… others like stuff like “screamo” (another word she had just learned). well if you’re in the mood for getting screamed at in a bruno mars song, i would definitely turn on this version of “that’s what i like!” it’s interesting because half of the lyrics are covered by a nice vocalizing man and half the lyrics are screamed by who knows what or who!

anyways, speaking of adele, we have her song “when we were young” on the album too. originally as you all know performed by adele, but on this one it’s covered by andy black featuring juliet simms.

moving on, another one of my favorites is “shape of you” originally performed by ed sheeran but on this album it’s covered by eat your heart out. that sounds like a great band name, i totally want to go see them in concert – let’s just hope they don’t eat my heart out! so the funny part (or what i like to call the great part) of the song is that it’s actually sung by a woman! i wonder if she came up with the name of the band name eat your heart out? ed sheeran is english so he has a little bit of an accent but to put a little twist on this, the woman singing this does have an accent but it’s australian! how cool is that?!? so if you’re into australian pop that’s a little bit a punk, i’d definitely check out “shape of you!”

overall, i love this album! iI think it’s really happy and out there but it also has a little rock kick to it, so out of five i would give it a six! ladies and gentlemen, six out of five!

get it here.