six out of five stars (!)

hi guys and welcome back to six out of five! sorry we haven’t posted often but we are back in the game now. today, is it a song? an album? an artist? it’s an album!

today’s album is by beth ditto – fake sugar – let’s get to it. so honestly i think that it’s actually pretty good! i would definitely recommend it! it’s not very hard rock but it’s not very really slow music – it’s kind of in the middle. i don’t… i can’t say what genre i would think it is because i honestly don’t know. but i do think it’s kind of depends, like the song that you play depends on the way of your day. like if you’re having a great happy fun “out there” day, you could listen to maybe her third or “go baby go,” something with a little bit more up beat. if you’re kind of having a slower but happy day, you could maybe listen to her second song, and if you’re having a really kind of harder day and it’s just not really going your way or something is just not right, listen to the first song “fire,” her new hit single!

guess what? the other day i walked into starbucks and they’re playing “fire” by beth ditto!!  super surprising! so i get out my phone and i text my mom, “guess what starbucks is playing? “fire” by beth ditto!! super cool, right?” and she responds with a bunch of emojis and, you know how either your mom or your friends always do. like. emoji wars? maybe not but i do!

i just feel like i think her song is really becoming a big hit! i hope to hear it playing on the radio sometimes because you know, not to get all soft on you, but it’s nice to hear a song that me and my mom can really really understand with each other and just kind of have times when we hear it together.

so now to actually talk about the songs: in the first song “fire” – her big hit single – it’s kind of an interesting song because when it first starts playing, it’s kind of is mellow and slower. she sings the first chorus into the bridge and then she sings part of the chorus and then just out of nowhere there’s a pause in the song… and then the drums and the guitar in the bass just KICK IN! and it’s loud and it’s outgoing and it’s pretty cool because it just has like this little drum roll and then it just straight HITS it and i just think that it’s a really cool song! i definitely recommend it to anybody who’s kind of on into, well, rock music. and the second song “in and out” is a pretty good song too. it’s actually a romantic song – i wouldn’t play it for your boyfriend though! ha ha! it’s not really gonna get you anywhere! it’s called “in and out of love,” well, more like “in and out” but the chorus goes “because i’m in and out of love.” like i said, don’t play for your boyfriend, it won’t get you anywhere! (dying!)

so not only do the songs have kind of a punch, but so does beth ditto’s voice! she has kind of a strong but still beautiful voice that really packs a punch. i mean, whenever i listen to this album, it really makes me and my mom proud that we are women and we are girls and it just kind of shows how not only we are powerful, but so are our voices, not only in song, but in life… because we hear that in beth ditto’s voice. (this slayed me.)

personally, i give this album a six out of five! congratulations beth ditto! i love your album and love your voice! thanks guys so much and we will see you next time on six out of five!

get it here.