three out of five stars

hi guys, welcome back to six out of five! is it an album or song a band or a concert? it’s an album! that’s right, today we are interviewing or i should say reviewing the bleachers gone now album – let’s get to it.

most of you have heard the bleachers, i think he (jack antonoff) is one of the best producers around and he also helped lorde with their new album and in fact lorde is actually in this album helping them out! so when you hear this, or when i hear this i kind of go… well, it’s a little bit funky in my opinion. it’s not like new style of pop or rap or hip-hop or any of those genres of music. it’s kind of new and funky and i don’t really know how to describe it! maybe a little bit is jazz? or some of the songs could be kind of pop, a rocker, an indie rock song, something in that genre.

my mom and i listened to their new hit single “don’t take the money” and then we listened to the rest of the album (i wanted to see if she recognized the single, but no dice). no, of course it wasn’t my favorite song on the album! i DO kind of like “to get married” (“let’s get married”) or some of the other songs though. i noticed some of his songs are about love and some of the songs are about girls but also i kind of feel like some of the songs are from life experience maybe.

i also noticed that, well, in bruno mars‘ new song “perm” he brings in some of those outside noises from kind of the outside world – like a simple whistle blowing – and that’s kind of what he (jack) did! some of their songs bring in sounds from the outside world and put them in their songs like a whistle blower, a dog bark, or a cat meow, something from the outside world that when you hear it, you can think “i remember that sound, what is that sound?” you say that in your mind and then you’ll be like, “oh, either that sound matches up with the lyric or it matches up with the rest of the song around it.”

there’s also many horns and bells and instruments that are foreign, i mean you usually hear that in jazz or blues but bells? it sounded like a christmas song! to hear that and then the get married song on the gone now bleachers album, that was kind of a surprise! 

it’s not my favorite album personally, i think that i’ve heard better albums before but i do like it somewhat. i do hope that there are many people and, i actually know that there are many people that are going to enjoy this album. overall i feel like their album is, like i said, different…it’s some sounds nobody’s really heard before or that i specifically haven’t heard before and i think it’s kind of a new genre! it definitely does not match up with any genre of music right now.

overall i think their album at least was pretty pretty good! i give this CD a three out of five stars. congratulations you guys, you’ve done well!

get it here.