six out of five stars (!)

welcome back to six out of five! it’s fil here and today… is it an album, is it a song, is it… you guessed it, it’s an album! it’s dreamcar‘s new album “dreamcar”!

so most of you know the singer davey from AFI and most of you know no doubt‘s old band… well, put those together and you have dreamcar! i think that their album is a big hit! it’s really happy and it’s not very depressing and it’s upbeat and it’s kind of happy! me and my mom just love to sing along with all the lyrics and just kind of saying yeah whoa-oh-oh! and so i, um… i feel like their album is very uptone definitely. it pulls you into a good mood and always puts a smile on my face.

davey always kind of talks about girls and candy and all this other crazy stuff, i love it! (how about the “all the dead girls love me” song?) i LOVE that song!! i think it’s kind of funny and interesting and i feel like it’s kind of talking about… you’ve probably seen corpse bride and the nightmare before christmas or some of tim burton’s material so anyways i really think that it’s a lot like those funny ideas and it’s my favorite!

i think i’m gonna give this a six out of five review no matter what because i feel like it’s very happy and enjoyable and i would totally recommend this album to anybody who’s interested in dreamcar or anybody interested in AFI or no doubt. it’s a great album with great songs, all very happy and can pull you right out of the bad mood. also i have actually met davey havok the singer of dreamcar and you know, i really hope for the best for him because he was a really nice guy and he was totally totally deserves, um, the fame he’ll be getting from this album. and the other guys too, they are all really great as dreamcar and me and my mom love this album so much and sing to it over and over! (she’s not kidding. it has been on repeat during our commute lately.) and i listen to it in my room really loud too! until next time… 

get it here.


fil got to meet davey havok and AFI (they’re signing her pink giraffe phone case)