afghan whigs


four out of five stars

hi guys it’s fil from fil and hil at six out of five! today our artist is african? (afghan!) oh, afghan whigs! is it a CD, is it a concert, or is it an album? yes, it’s an album! “in spades” is their new album coming out – all right, let’s get right to it!

so my opinion on this band was definitely… they have a different outer view from what i’m used to. the music is very interesting and the style is definitely something i have heard before but in a different way. i do think that this band has potential (i was trying so hard not to giggle here!) and it’s a really cool record. i kind of do hear, um, some flaws on it but i do like it! i think it’s a cool album.

i feel this album makes me kind of feel like dark and deep and then some songs really feel like light and happy and nice. i feel this happiness when the horns and all the other instruments are just kind of coming as a background but also, like, build up the song and build up the song structure. i think that the singer’s voice is very interesting it’s definitely not what i would’ve expected. it’s it’s kind of a scratchy but professional voice and i do like it and i think it’s very original and different from what i have heard before!

(how long do you think this band has been together?)

you know, if i had to guess how long the afghan whigs have been a band by like listening to the music, i would probably guess around 20 to 30 years. (good guess!)

the beginning song of the album, i kind of felt it was… it was very sudden and kind of off beat a little bit to my hearing. i felt like it was just, not, it didn’t go with the album and it was very kind of disconnected and it was just too, like, apart from each other and it didn’t come together as a song and like what you want to hear like a chicken noodle song where it all strings together. it was kind of staccato and just kinda “blinky.”

(why do you think they put that song first on the album when it’s so different?)

i feel the reason why they put that song at the beginning of the record is because it was kind of trying to show what they’re going for and their new kind of music, and also like it might be their favorite song and the point they’re trying to make is ‘this is what our band plays and this is the kind of music we like to produce and so we want you to hear this before you hear the rest of the album to kind of see if you like it or not’.

i give this band four out of five stars which is a pretty good rating! thanks for reading and we’ll see you next time on six out of five, fil and hil version!

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