fin kol

mattress firm amphitheater, chula vista (she texted me this shot when they got there)

six out of five stars

hi guys it’s fil from six out of five with a new review! is it a song is, is it a concert, is it an album? it’s a concert! and can you guess which concert it is? it is the kings of leon concert down at sleep train amphitheater in chula vista! if you went, you all know it was very awesome!

the moment we get there, i jump out of the car and we’re on this grassy field parking lot and there’s parties going on and all these like fun events going on kind of down at the parking lot, so we just walk around. finally we get down to the entrance of the amphitheater and we’re getting ready to go in and we can hear the music, they are getting ready to put on the first band. congratulations to the first opening band, deerhunter! i think deerhunter had a pretty good show, um, they are not my favorite band but they apparently inspired the kings of leon! they actually made an announcement – the kings of leon during the concert made an announcement – that deerhead (crying!) had, wait, deerhunter had actually inspired the kings of leon to write more music, so i thought that was pretty cool!

so we start walking in and we give our tickets (i went with my dad). on we go and there’s this green screen photo thing you can take and i did take a photo with my dad in that and it was pretty hilarious! anyhoo so we get to our seats and i’m like, “dude, i need some kettle corn!” so my dad and i go down to the ATM, we get me a sprite, he got a beer and we get some cash and on the way down we saw someone that my mom used to work with: woodsy! i want to give a special shout out to him because i know he reads these blogs, he’s an awesome guy! we met him and his girlfriend hannah and we said hello and and it was really great to see him because i haven’t seen him in a while!

so we get to our seats, and then the kings of leon open, and the writing is amazing and the songs are perfect! they play “comeback story” and – i think they did – and they played all their, like, all the old songs kind of towards the beginning. and they started putting up the new record songs and the concert was just great!! everybody was on their feet and it was an adult concert so they were a little bit of an adult sightings (she told me the couple next to her made out a lot) but i felt that the concert was amazing! the songs were just great, caleb is the singer of the kings of leon, he did a great job! there’s no stage fright, you couldn’t tell anything.

so yeah, i would definitely give this concert a six out of five stars of course! personally i am a big fan of kings of leon, the show was great like I said, the lighting was amazing. actually believe it or not, when I was about six years old my mom took me to one of their concerts and i actually got to meet them not knowing who they were, that was kind of funny! i just feel so lucky that i got to do that. but thank you guys for reading, hope to see you guys next time!