five stars

hi guys it’s fil from six out of five, and today our new review is going to be on the bruno mars new cd, “24 karat magic”. overall you’ve probably heard one or two songs on the radio – “that’s what i like” or “24 karat magic” – and although the songs have tune and they have great vocals, there’s also a down part: there’s many words that are inappropriate and don’t always mean the best. whether it’s a curse word or talking about adult subjects, his songs can be romance or comedies.

me and my mom started to listen to the songs, we have the entire CD playing over and over again in the car (and over, and over, and o v e r). something we stumbled on is every single song is about a girl! talk about tough love, am i right? (she cracked up after saying this).

his voice is very interesting. it can go in a very different range. it can go from highest to lowest, see how that works? ha ha ha! his music is very inspiring and it’s also good to listen to because there’s many different vocal chords that change the mood, like it’s a slow song or it’s a enthusiastic song. it gets me pumped up for my jog-athon! (she reviewed this on the morning of her school’s jog-a-thon.) i would definitely give this CD probably a five out of five stars because some of the other songs are the most appropriate and the two great songs are definitely hits are “24 karat magic” and “that’s what i like.” i would recommend listening to them but if you have a young child in the car maybe turn it on the down low. see you next time on six out of five!

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