four stars

hi guys, it’s fil from fil and hil here at six out of five with a new review today – it is the spoons “hot thoughts”! (the spoons! dying over here)

so today for my review i would definitely… i thought it was GOOD. because the music was definitely something i haven’t heard before! it was kind of new, and kind of electric in their vibe, it was just sort of on a beat but still keeping it on the down low with the bass! um i do like it, it’s better, it’s probably not my favorite band but it’s OK for me!

their music was kind of like different from each other – each song – so they were kind of like very unlike a pattern. like one song would be awesome and would sound like this, and another song would sound like that, and then the next song would sound like the first! like it was just kind of rock back-and-forth.

i think i’m giving this band a four out of five stars! thanks for reading my review, see you next time on fil hil six out of five!

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