valley view casino center, san diego

six out of five stars!

when we first pulled in the parking lot, everything was sorta chill and there were people getting in line and the doors were not open yet. a lot of people were starting to like get there so me and my mom went to go backstage and there was this ramp and oh my god! i just felt so special. like, it was an honor to be going there with my mom and just like seeing what she does for part of her job! (ok, that totally melted me, sweet girl! she was SO excited for this show and had no idea what was in store.)

then we were backstage and she was interviewing the flea (fil calling him “the flea” all night slayed me). i sat right outside the room and i hit it off with the security guard – now my good friend – and one of the roadies’ daughters, maddie, who was about 15, 16… or 21 maybe. but i heard a backstage peptalk that the main roadie gave to the other roadies and WOW was that colorful! (she couldn’t get over how many f-bombs the crew leader dropped when he was doling out instructions). then flea walked past me and he had a coffee stain on his sweatpants!

so we first walked into the concert after getting dinner and after the interview, and i was blown away! trombone shorty was opening for the red hot chili peppers and they were on their last song so we got to get the very last part of it and boy, was it amazing! it was so great and i was just blown away! the saxophones and the trombones and the trumpet which personally i do play trumpet at my school but that’s a different story…

at the concert there were MANY people and everybody was just up and kind of like getting ready for the concert and kind of dancing in a little bit. everything was going good and then we waited for like five minutes as the band got set up for the chili peppers. and then the lights go down and these blue headlights come up and everything is just AMAZING!! the light work  – oh my god, i would shout out to all of the people – the roadies and others – who helped with the lights! i mean, it was incredible and they had this light fixture where there was like this big plate and it had these strings, a bunch of tiny little strings holding these lanterns and they would bounce up-and-down and oh my god it was just so amazing! (her eyes and her smile were HUGE for the first few songs! i think it blew her mind.)

and then three hot chili peppers come on and before this, i think i knew some of their songs but i didn’t know them well and i never was really a big big fan of them because i didn’t really know their songs that well, but then i heard them at the concert – in concert – and oh my gosh it blew me away! now i just want to listen to them a lot.

we had pretty good seats. um, yeah, we we had very good seats, they were kind of like above the floor just like one row above the floor so we could see pretty well. we had to stand up most of the time because it was so awkward sitting down because you were the only one!

and then the record label (management) guy aaron that my mom had known previously took us and since he knew the band, he took us backstage through this little corridor and then we were on the side of the stage!! right next to the stage and they were like it was like a VIP and right there on the side of the stage and it was just amazing! my mom held me up and i looked up over the concert and crowd and you could see the flea wearing his amazing funny outfits!

it was just great. i would give this concert, for the first concert review we are doing for our blog, six out of five stars! good job red hot chili peppers, will see you next time!