three stars

i thought this band was kind of interesting and they’re – it has an interesting sound and their messages aren’t really the most positive but hey guys it’s fil and here’s my review:

we’re back with an english band. what are they called? (temples.) temples. um, for my opinion i would guess that they’re sort of kind of a depressing band with the message that they give out, and their sound isn’t the happiest. me and my mom have noticed that it’s kind of a lot of keyboards and a lot of layovers and an interesting sound.

i don’t know if it would be my favorite band or the band i give the most ratings to, but i do definitely think it is an odd but fresh and cool band.

also when i looked at their album cover, i saw a lot of, like, their album cover was really interesting that there were different styles and a lot of different looks that they prefer to use on their album. but when i opened it up, there’s this little package inside of their CD case and it has these pictures of them and when i saw them i told my mom, ‘oh my god mom they look exactly like the beatles!’ maybe not exactly but a little bit like the beatles. i think their haircuts and they’re kind of styled with makeup and they look kind of like the beatles! i don’t know, my dad has this photo drawing of the beatles at our house and i look at it all the time and i’ve kind of memorized it – these guys look exactly like the beatles. it’s very strange in a good way. i would give this band a three out of five stars. “A” for effort if that’s even how you spell it!

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