one out of five stars (ouch!)

(i had forgotten about all the f-bombs in the first song, so she heard about 30 seconds of that before i skipped to track two. she said, “MOM, did he say fuh…?!?” and i told her that was, in fact, what he was saying. so this review really starts at the second song in the collection.)

i thought the songs were just really depressing and all of them were about like sad concepts and it’s kind of funny because it’s like hard rock in the beginning and they’re all really sad!

in the first song he said cursewords the second song was like really really depressing and the third song was like three seconds in and he was SCREAMING and it was really odd.

the paralyze song – i think it was the fourth song on the album – i liked it! i thought it was cool and the song itself was catchy and the melody and the words kind of all strung together and it was, i think, it was the best of their album. and then song number five is not the single (cracks me up that she’s thinking in terms of singles) but i think it’s OK. mangoes and rice.

i would give this band one out of five stars. i like the paralyze song but that, like, it was one song on the entire album  – which i have no idea how long this album is – and the rest of the songs is pure torture listening to me.

(ok, wow! “torture”? that’s a strong word. i know you usually prefer more polished pop music, was it the fact that his sound is so raw that bothered you?)

i didn’t like personally how the sound was raw because i think like it’s one thing to kind of be, like, yeah, we’re not perfect and yeah we’re not totally tuned in, but it’s still kind of good rock, but it’s another thing to totally not care about the sound and a strum your guitar like a three-year-old!

(ok, ok, so… here’s a thought: what if he really does care and he LIKES the rawness because it sounds more real, and he’s making his music sound this way on purpose because that’s what he likes?)

so it could possibly be, um, that he does like that sound and that he cares about that sound, but honestly, if you’re going to put that much time in the writing and making music, at least clean it up a little bit!

(fair enough! my two cents: i am REALLY digging this album. it’s a collection all of the EPs he released in the last year or so, with some new music too. so fil and i happily agreed to disagree.)

get it here.