two stars

i thought this type of music was just a little bit out of shape because there’s like too much going on. kind of like when you eat something, sometimes there’s too much too many different flavors and when it all combines it’s really yucky, you know? it really wasn’t my style of music but i mean i could see people liking it and i think it’s a cool band but their music just isn’t quite there.

(you listen to a lot of beatles with your dad, do you hear any of them in the lemon twigs?)

sort of, but their style is different from the beatles a little bit. the beatles, they were very very popular and their sound kind of made a little bit more sense. but these guys, i could kind of see them relating to the beatles a little, i guess.

(did you like any of it? what did you think of how they played their instruments?)

if you mean straight out like good, OK, i thought the drums out of every instrument i heard in the last couple songs from their album – i like the drums the best. the speed was good and he didn’t really get off course but i also don’t think it went exactly with the music or the music didn’t go with him.

(i also don’t LOVE the album but am dying to see them live, i hear their live show is ridiculously good!)

get it here.