six out of five stars (!!)

i think less than jake is a good band and their songs are upbeat but they also kind of flow in the album (ep). it went from strong songs to lower sounds and back to strong and it kind of did almost like a wave! i thought the sound is really cool! the horns and drums are amazing and all their voices are harmonized and sound and crisp and fresh and new and i just think it is a really good band.

(how does listening to it make you feel?)

i thought it made me feel very happy! like the beat of songs kind of changes what you feel sometimes and i was really happy listening to it and i was almost doing a little bit of a dance back here (she was sitting in the back seat) and thought it made me pretty happy!

(would you ever want to play trumpet in a ska band?) ((she is learning trumpet.))

maybe not. yeah i appreciated the horns in thier songs and i also like that every song didn’t have a horn or i mean on some songs there’s no horns to kind of give a little bit of a break. but i REALLY like it!

(this is your first six out of five star rating. why did it earn that honor?)

i give this band six out of five stars because i love their sound and i thought it was really happy and outgoing and it didn’t really matter what the words were even though i couldn’t really get some of the words exactly, i love the tempo… i love the melody and all those! just the sound of the songs made me feel really happy so i give this album a six out of five stars! good luck less than jake!

(i liked it too, but more than anything was tickled that SHE got so into it.)

get it here.