three stars (ouch)

(we started out by talking about bands like heavens to betsy and bikini kill and how i adored them and the riot grrl movement when i was in college in the early 90s… i was trying to give her some context for their radness)

well it’s not really my style of music. i’m more of a pop person, or maybe kings of leons but i think their background story is definitely very inspiring. i bet their music is great for the radio station and i think that what they did and what they are doing is good.

(what do you think of the drummer and bass player and all the instruments?)

honestly i think they’re great the drummer in the band i’m in right now can’t do anything close to that but she is still pretty good on drums but their drummer is AMAZING. that is crazy, that’s really good and the guitarist and the bass player i think they’re great too.

(so their singer corin has a unique voice, what do you think of her voice?)

i thought that her voice kind of sounds like adele (!!!) like the way that she sings “rolling in the deep” her voice is pretty strong and like shakes a little bit just like siri kill cedar kitty kitty (she was trying to remember the name sleater-kinney)  – see, her voice is really cool and I think it’s like interesting. SLEATER KINNEY? (yes.) got it.

(i pretty much worship sleater-kinney and this live album has been making my heart race with its awesomeness. six out of five stars from me.)

get it here.