three stars

i thought the trumpets were a little bit off the cue and the vocals just don’t really go with the trumpet on how i think that should go with it. and they’re just like off there – it’s too high of a note for that type of music. and the feedback hurt my ears mainly because my mom is probably turning it up too loud (oops!) or because the feedback just doesn’t sound good.

i also think that if you’re going to make a song, you should probably pick one concept and instead of doing that they did drunk drivers in a really low key and then they totally change it into killer whales! i just don’t think it fits like if you write the chorus and there’s your song well of course there’s other verses but you don’t combine concepts like drunk drivers and killer whales, i don’t know.

(does their sound remind you of any other band or artist?)

maybe like 21 pilots or kings of leon possibly

(on a scale of 1 to 5 stars, how would you rate this car seat headrest album?)

i would probably say three really yeah it was like i said earlier: the trumpets were off and then changing this song from low key to high… 

(ouch. i have been really liking this album lately… a lot!)

get it here.