four stars

i thought the songs were really cool and they may be hits or not but their other songs are really cool! i do think they’re a little bit like sad in the lyrics, they aren’t the happiest but that’s kind of their style so i can’t blame it on them.

i really like their music and i think it’s outgoing and it’s new and it’s something people want to listen to and it’s kind of interesting but it also i can relate to him. there’s this awesome artist which pretty much everyone knows – kings of leon – and i can kind of relate between those two like kings of leon’s sound is kind of the same as him.

what was it called? (AFI) AFI so yeah i think it’s a good band and i think it’s good album and i personally thought their name was arm on fire (love it) i forgot the name so i thought it was a bad name but OK! i like AFI!

(i love this band. davey’s voice has so much depth on this album, the songs are great AND they are the nicest people. the interview below was one of my favorites from 91X’s wrex the halls!)

get it here.