fil has always loved music. a lot. her dad is a musician and she went to plenty of shows while in utero, so it was no surprise to anyone when she started singing and dancing as soon as she could talk and walk. and i’ve always loved music too; my grandma played the organ, my dad played the trumpet, i grew up playing the piano, and as a struggling teenager, music was my favorite refuge. as soon as i started college i joined the radio station there – now, i’m the music director and midday DJ at 91X and am closing in on 20 years on the air here in san diego. and fil just turned ten and is playing trumpet in her school marching band as well as singing in a band with her buddies too. rad!

we have a long commute some days, and we listen to a LOT of music (and podcasts too) to pass the time when we’re not chatting. we go through phases: first it was a lot of jack johnson and yo gabba gabba cds, then we hit a major paul simon graceland phase, then katy perry (that was fil’s first real concert) and taylor swift and more recently it’s been all about the hamilton soundtrack. in between all of those, i try to sneak in albums i’ve been sent at work so that i can get some work done by listening to them while we drive.

lately i’ve noticed fil’s comments about the music we listen to have become more and more thoughtful and really interesting, so i started rolling tape because she cracked me up and i didn’t want to forget some of her observations. after brainstorming together a bit, we came up with the idea for this: a blog we’ll share, where we can post her album reviews and any other music-related stuff we feel like posting.

you totally get six out of five stars from us just for checking out our blog! thanks!